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Doll House

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Condition: Fully Furnished
Bedrooms: 2
Price: §50.644
Lot Size: 3×1
Extra Info:
Content is included

I was browsing at MTS2 and saw a decorative Doll House, giant size and that gave me an idea to create a doll house Sims could live in. Here is a Base Game doll house, cleaned and packed. To reach the last floor you need the Marvine 1 tile ladder. As I didn’t have any matching base game window for the Doll House, I created one cloned from the Double Hung, it is slaved and will pick any recolor. Included are also a column and a wall paper. Window has 508 polys for str8 and diagonal, column has 14 polys.

Base Game Only

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Great idea thank you so very much!


This is so cute! It has a kind of fantasy appeal that I like very much, thank you. smile

Active Member

This looks so much like the game dollhouse. It would be fun to have a fantasy house contest. Maybe I’ll try to host one. Thanks again xpti, for inspriing the… Read more »


Very nice, thanks.