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  • Residential Elegant Stone Cottage – Basegame   (Views: 2,414 )

    Condition: Fully Furnished
    Bedrooms: 4
    Price: ยง175,731
    Lot Size: 3×3
    Extra Info:
    Contains custom content
    Content is included

    This “Cottage” has a charming split level entrance way, downstairs is a basement area with a bathroom, and upstairs there are 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. The Master bedroom has a nursery through an archway on one side of the room and on the other a dressing area and then bathroom.

    Seperate kitchen, living and dining rooms.
    The only custom content is wallpaper.

    Custom Content Included

    – Fancy Walls with Wainscot 1 by Kims*Designs
    – Brickfest 1 by ClstlDrmr83
    – Brickfest 2 by ClstlDrmr83
    – Brickfest 3 by ClstlDrmr83
    – Brickfest 4 by ClstlDrmr83
    – Brickfest 5 by ClstlDrmr83
    – Brickfest 6 by ClstlDrmr83
    – Fancy Walls with Wainscot 2 by Kims*Designs
    – Fancy Walls with Wainscot 3 by Kims*Designs
    – Neutral Elegance Wall 1 by escand
    – Neutral Elegance Wall 2 by escand
    – Neutral Elegance Wall 3 by escand


    Base Game Only

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    3 Responses

    1. I have this beautiful cottage and I adore it! If you have not had the chance to download and play this lot, you are missing out! Tiff knocked herself out making this beautiful, functional and friendly! I love it!! Thank you Tiff for making it without Free Time!!! YAY! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. ekrubynaffit says:

      Thanks Jules, you may like this one too if you havnt seen it yet, as its just BG as well https://www.simfansuk.com/sims/downloads/residential-8/southern-comfort-basegame-1527/

    3. I just happened to see this and I went over and downloaded it!!! I will try it in game for my new town!!! Your homes are all in my game! lol Love them!! Thank you again!! Hugs!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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