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  • Hobbies Exercise Bicycle

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: HobbiesExercise
    Room: Multiple Rooms
    Price: §800
    Poly Count(s): 3782

    This in fact is the old Exercise Bike from FT, placed under another mesh. There is a bit clip when Sims enter the bike but I didn’t consider it so annoying, so I didn’t bother to waste more time. You don’t need FT to use it but I’m not sure if it works Base Game, so I’m taking OFB as requirement once LS is in fact an OFB game without shopping. I tested all the work I posted in the SFU and confirmed that EVERYTHING works OFB based. If you have FT it won’t conflict but this bike was coded to be “perfect”. It is not addictive, can be used by all Sims as from Teens, visitors inclusive. It was created to be placed on a Kids Fun Park. It works as planned. You can check it in other game configurations. I confirm that it works in the following configuration – Base Game/University/NL/OFB – also Life Stories.

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