• Stairs False Twin Staircases

    Item Type: New Mesh

    Price: §900
    Poly Count(s): 3790

    This is an old file and was posted once but I’m not sure if still online, so I’m reposting it because I used it in my start little house.
    I don’t use to double post files in different sites but this is sort of exception.

    A false twin staircase is a normal staircase that bears a dead twin on one of its side. I do this to fill up the last tile of a lot end. The dead twin is not functional but a visual fill.
    There are two twin staircases in the post, one for the right side and one for the left.

    The twin is not exactly useful. You cannot go upstairs and cannot place any decorative item on it. Besides it requires a special column to simulate ending. Well, I’m just a maniac who decided to use the last end tiles.

    Poly count: 3790

    Base Game Only

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