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Designer Cabinets in Five Colors

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Item Type: New Mesh
Function: DecorativeSculptures
Room: Multiple Rooms
Price: §200
Poly Count(s): 36

Here is a set of kitchen cabinets for base gamers that match the Designer Counters. After installing, you will find the cabinets under decorative items, sculptures. Unfortunately, the icons are blank so the item doesn’t show. If anyone knows how to fix that I would love to know. I researched but couldn’t find the answer. I have play tested and hope your sims will enjoy having cabinets like in a real kitchen!

Base Game Only

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I’m absolutely amazed, Anne! I genuinely don’t know how you’ve made these, but I do know it can’t have been easy. Downloading them now and I guarantee I’ll be using… Read more »


It’s so addictive, isn’t it! lol. For wall thingies I sometimes clone a picture, then you don’t have to do so much to the mesh to get it to work… Read more »

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Rather big thumbs up Anne, I would never be able to have the paitence to mesh, will leave that to others!!


Amen sister!!! I just know I could never do it!! Well done Anne and Thanks I will be following Mrs A as well downloading now grin


Anne, for some reason these are showing up in the lots and houses section of my game. You need to locate the files in your downloads folder and upload those… Read more »

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Hey Anne, you find the files in your download folder, then make a folder for them on your desktop jut copy and paste the files to the folder then zip… Read more »