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  • Starter Homes High and Low – Multiple Homes   (Views: 2,017 )

    4 Responses

    1. triciamanly says:

      Very imaginative! Your test sims look pretty happy!

    2. LadyAngel says:

      I agree. Although it would probably kill me to live somewhere like this, I like the structure, and can’t believe it’s under 20,000!

    3. xptl297 says:

      It was very surprising to me that it was the lot I have most fun playing. Of course I modified the whole game and now it is fit for such terrain. The sims were really happy and in fact, due to mistaken base object prices (there should be a very cheap stove, fridge, shower and toilet) to allow creativity in building. One thing I always missed was a section for “Second Hand” objects. This is what we do when short of money, buy second hand! Everything in the game devaluates but there is no possibility to collect used thingies. Economical mistake.

      I gave up Apartments long ago (I only play EPs to get enough info to flat them down to Basic Game) and I use Inge’s selective doors that are much more intelligent in terms of programming.
      It works like a dream now and I’m really satisfied. Hate the “hide” system used by EA, just because they didn’t find a logical way to make sims to understand what they own and what not.
      I’m getting closer. Tap, tap my own shoulder. 🙂

    4. chilili says:

      Thanks a lot, I love it

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