Residential The View   (Views: 1,715 )

Condition: Fully Furnished
Bedrooms: 7
Price: §234,063
Lot Size: 4×3
Extra Info:
Contains custom content
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The View got its name because all of the 5 apartments have balconies with views. Apt. A is a two story apartment with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Apt. B has 1 bedroom and 1 bath. Apt. C. has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, and Apts. D and E each have 1 bedroom and 1 bath. Amenites include a large lounge with chess boards, bookcases, conversation pit, and expresso maker. Your sims will also have a workout room with restrooms and showers, and outside they will enjoy a pool and jacuzzi. There is parking in the rear. The apartments are decorated in bold primary colors, reds, blues, and yellows.

Although base game, this could be convertible to real apartments and since there is a large common area downstairs, it could also be a dorm with cafeteria. I have 5 sims living in a model like this and they all have jobs except one and are forging fast friendships.

small amount of cc by me includes stone wall, vertical gray siding, and two picture recolors.

Base Game Only

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4 Responses

  1. LadyAngel says:

    Very modern and very chic. I love the pool area outside and the unique shape of the whole building – inspired!

  2. karen lorraine says:

    Love it Anne, not only would they make good apartments but good holiday lets too 🙂 Reminds me of the seaside, lol

  3. triciamanly says:

    The weird shape was a failed attempt to copy some amazing modern apartments that were sort of stacked one on top of the other. Thank you both for your input which is so gratifying!

  4. CheekyBugga says:

    I wouldn’t say it was failed attempt, the fact you have mastered it Anne It’s lovely and it’s as good anyone has made infact 😉

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