• Misc Home Electronics – conversion to LS

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: ElectronicsMisc
    Room: Multiple Rooms
    Price: §Diverse
    Poly Count(s): Diverse

    Here are some conversions that include an object from uptodate packages in the site (cubic). Stereos are hard to revert. The Phone Atomica is not Pets at all, it is assembled over the Base Game phone, so it won’t crash your game. If it works? At least it does, in my Life Stories. It is enabled to work with a mod that allows Visitors to answer phones, but as it doesn’t work in LS and the mod is not included, it is harmless.

    Extra Info
    Objects fit to Life Stories, first Edition.

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    1. LadyAngel says:

      I always liked that jukebox, thanks 🙂

    2. jlouis says:

      Very good idea, thanks.

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