• Residential House of Roofs

    Condition: Fully Furnished
    Bedrooms: 4
    Price: §78,826
    Lot Size: 3×3
    Extra Info:
    Contains custom content
    Content is included

    House of Roofs is another house made mainly of roofs and dormers. I have placed it next door to the Roof House and they look nice together. This house has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a lot with room for expansion. Wood floors and paneling give the house a rustic, chalet look. A new couple, Franklin and Celeste Gables, have just moved in and are expecting their first baby. Hopefully their children will be suitable spouses for the Techo children. I recommend the roof house as it is cheaper to build and fun to experiment with.

    cc includes Stair Wall Fix by JRW at MTS:
    Modern Picture Window by millyana
    Modern One Tile Window by me

    Base Game Only

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    4 Responses

    1. LadyAngel says:

      It must have been a struggle to get so may playable rooms in this house, but it looks amazing! The lounge is my favourite room – cosy and inviting. 🙂

    2. CheekyBugga says:

      Wow this is what I would class as my nightmare lol Roof’s are not my forte lol I like the Kitchen best,small and sweet I can never make small ones lol

    3. ekrubynaffit says:

      Well done Anne, as Angela said hard work to make this playable

    4. triciamanly says:

      Thanks so much for the sweet comments! Lately I’ve been playing up a storm. All kinds of babies have been born. It’s getting a bit tedious to grow them all up!

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