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    Hotels & Rentals Tudor Town Houses – No CC


    These Tudor-style townhouses are unfurnished and cheap enough for your Sims who are just starting out. They are of identical design, but very roomy. Each has 2 bedrooms and 1 and a half bathrooms.

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    Residential Tudor Cliff House


    4-bedroom Tudor-style home on a cliff overlooking the sea. With spacious room and 4 bathrooms, this expensive home will keep your rich Sims in the lap of luxury!

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    Residential Tudor Manor


    5 bedroom, luxury manor house in the Tudor style, but with everything your Sims will need for the modern lifestyle.

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    Residential Tudor Cottage


    Three bedroom Tudor-style home. This is the same house LadyAngel uploaded, only with Sims 3.

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    Community The Reading Tower


    Perfect for your book lover sims – a quaint place to relax and read.

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    Residential House of Roofs


    House of Roofs is another house made mainly of roofs and dormers. I have placed it next door to the Roof House and they look nice together.

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    Residential Roof House


    This house is made mainly of roofs and dormers with a few inside walls and an outside wall on the second floor. I think it looks rather like a chalet.

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    Sets EA Castle Set


    This is a set by EA that can’t be found on their site any more as it doesn’t exist! I didn’t make these, I’m just hosting them

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    Residential Darling’s House


    The house has 6 bedrooms and 5 baths and lots of custom Peter Pan artwork. It actually looks pretty good in Veronaville, so if your sims want a big old Tudor to ramble around in, this is it!