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This is a tutorial that was posted on the old Sims 2 website on how to create your own CAS screen for the Sims 2. This is the background/scene that appears when creating a new Sim/family within the game. I have no idea who to credit for this, but I thought I’d post it for any who are interested:

Changing the CAS background

I have figured out how to change the Create-a-sim backgrounds!! This requires a lot of directory searching so brace yourself. (Note: I did this on a PC, Windows XP)

—>Part 1: In the Sims 2 game:
1. Make a new neighborhood. Name it what ever you want but just do it. This is to make sure there are no other lots.
2. Exit the game.

—>Part 2: Outside the game:
3. Find your Sims 2 folder NOT in my documents, but where you said to download it (normally C:Program FilesMaxisThe Sims 2 or something like that).
4. go to the TSDataResGlobalLots floder.
5. The only file in there is a file named “CAS!.package” (no quotes). COPY this file.
6. Go to the Sims 2 folder under My Documents. Go to “LotCatalouge” folder and paste it there.
7. Rename the just pasted “CAS!.package” file to match the series in the folder already (as in if the files are named “cx_00000001” to “cx_00000012”, name it “cx_00000013”).
8. start the game back up.

—>Part 3: In-game editing:
9. Now go to your brand new neighborhood.
10. in the ‘hood, go to your pre-built house bin and go to the end. at the end you’ll find the CAS house. you can’t miss it, it looks completly diffrent from the others and its named some random letters “jfhgi”. place it anywhere in your empty neighborhood and click on it to build it.
11. Now edit how ever!– with a few conditions: you cannot get rid of any of the decorations in the house already. The mirror and podium where the sim is made as well as all the pictures and the couch are all one object that you probibly should’t delete. and the camera set up is also all one object. You can, however, change the house’s look and put objects in and around the house.
DO NOT move the CAS camera set up’s or the CAS Podeum’s position unless you can change the camera position in My DocumentsEA GamesThe Sims 2CamerasCASCamera.txt (all 11 of them).
12. When your done, Save and close the Sims 2.

—>Part 4: Applying your house:
13. Go to My DocumentsEA GamesThe Sims 2Neighborhoods, the last neighborhood folder(N00#) and “Lots”
14. the only lot that should be in there is the edited CAS lot. COPY it.
15. go back to the global lots folder where you found the CAS lot. cange the existing “CAS!.package” file to a bogus name like “original_cas.package”
16. PASTE the lot file you copied from the neighborhood. Rename it “CAS!.package”.
17. Finished! Now you should be able to make sims in your newly modified CAS house!!

Base Game Only

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