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Residential Inside Out Modern

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Condition: Fully Furnished
Bedrooms: 2
Price: §101,699
Lot Size: 3×3
Extra Info:
Contains custom content
Some content is included

Sim builders saw an interior shot of a modern house with glass walls and second floor overlooking the first floor and built this house from the inside out based on that picture. Thanks to the beautiful and versatile windows by tiggy027 and modern tiles by Immortality, not to mention the new table design by Lady Angel, the builders were very pleased with the house and have been playing with test sim, Lucius Belmont, who left his supposedly 19th century home for something more up to date. Tiggy’s windows make lovely glass doors too which you will see open in this home (which does have a burglar alarm, not that it matters) but which might need to be replaced with the regular sliding door if your sims feel insecure with so much open air. Also, I’m not at all sure this house is Season’s proof with its flat roof. Lucius is currently enjoying the base game weather and almost friendly enough to flirt with one Leah Limpit.

Tiggy’s windows are not included, but needed and can be found here:

Her modern TV and shelves are included and can be found here:

Immortality’s lovely modern tiles can be found here:

Perfect, modern, one-grid table by Lady Angel is included in download

Lady Angel’s curtains and blinds are also included

Extra Info other walls, floors, and furniture recolors by me

Base Game Only

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xptl297LadyAngelekrubynaffittriciamanlykaren lorraine Recent comment authors
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Active Member

Love it!! I agree I also Use Tiggy’s Windows too you can use in so many way ..Good well Anne smile

Active Member

Another beautiful, modern home. I love the way you have the patio windows standing open, perfect for a warm summer day. I know how challenging it is building with just the base game, but you manage to make all your homes unique…love it!

karen lorraine
Noble Member

Another ‘wow’ from me. I too love Tiggy’s windows, so versatile. Wish she’d made a door to go with them though. I really like that balcony on the upper floor.

karen lorraine
Noble Member

MTS will ask you to remove the Tiggy set and to send downloaders for it. That’s what I’ve been asked to do in the past. She really did create some lovely stuff. Is she still creating? cos if so where is her stuff being hosted? I know that some of her creations are at BPS.

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Originally Posted by triciamanly
Hi dear and faithful sim builders, and thanks so much for the morning cheer! What would happen if I left Tiggy’s windows in the download? Would it be too big? I know at MTS they make you remove them. I wrote to Tiggy the other day and she answered me!! It was really a thrill!

Anne Kaz is right MTS won’t allow you at all to leave any object in the file thats from a mts creator even if you have their permission but here is completely different As long as the creators policy says you can then go for it grin

Active Member

I think they make you remove then because its a repository object and if you dont use the main one then they wont show in others games, but instead do the flah blue thing. Fantastic looking house Anne, and yes the windows are perfect!

Active Member

Yes, that’s perfectly true. I don’t mind you including other creator’s meshes as long as you have their permission. Tiff is correct, the original mesh must be included or it won’t show properly in-game. I think as long as you link to the mesh as well it should be okay, so it can be downloaded from the source if there are any problems.

Active Member

I downloaded your house and like it very much. In fact it is the first time I play a house I didn’t build self (I do only crazy things! ).
Would you mind to tell me how you placed the top of the house? I mean, the low wall with flat roof tiles? I remember I did it something like this with that fake foundations that came with one of the EPs, but it didn’t look to work any more.