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  • Residential Modern House in Autumn Woods   (Views: 0 )

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    1. LadyAngel says:

      Thank you for taking part in my little challenge. This house speaks ‘autumn’ nicely with the changing trees and falling leaves (is that why you call it ‘fall’ instead of autumn?) I especially like the outside BBQ area…we’re thinking of having something similar in our garden, but it’s not this private!

    2. chilili says:

      What a lovely house. Thank you for sharing it.

    3. Princess says:

      I love this. You always manage to create something new and original!
      I could live here 🙂

    4. Great looking house, Anne. I like the angled columns supporting the second floor.

    5. triciamanly says:

      To all my friends who commented, many thanks! I love the SFU challenges. Looking forward to your autumn creations!

    6. Budcat says:

      Thank you. I like modern. This should be fun.

    7. Budcat says:

      I really like this house and was anxious to have it in the game; but the stairway didn’t work. When it was time for bed they stood at the bottom and yelled. I tried to fix it but couldn’t. I took a picture of it and tried to make a similar one but not as nice as yours.

    8. LadyAngel says:

      I downloaded this house to see what the problem was. The Sims don’t use the stairs properly, but they still managed to get up and down. Did you ever manage to get it sorted?

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