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  • Mods Move to College Autonomously   (Views: 1,495 )

    Please backup any files that may be overwritten.

    This Mod:
    affects gameplay

    I know many don’t like autonomy but it is my main interest. :)
    Here is a mod to make sim teens to move to college autonomously. No, it won’t take Your autonomy because I enabled it only for the computer that came with the Teen Stuff Pack. If you want to have other computers enabled (I have), you have to enable them self. To make it easy, I took pics of the Pie Menu item to be modified. There is also a pic of the mod included for other modders.

    What it does: The mod will first check if you have Uni installed and if you have any College available. Then will check if a sim Teen has high enough grades and if they have only 4 or less days left before aging. If yes, it will apply a simple advertising on fun taken from the pie menu (pic explains). If the sim Teen has only 2 or less days left before aging, it will apply an extra advertising on fun, so that they are really in the mood to move autonomously.
    Well, I expect that all of them move to college because I took several years to make my own college and I want them there.
    If you don’t want all of them to move autonomously, you can take the bhav lines after it is checked if they have only 4 days left and some will decide not to go. If I sound too confused: if the extra advertising is removed, some sims will probably not use the computer and consequently won’t move autonomously. It is sort of natural way to decide who wants or who doesn’t want a college degree.

    It requires Teen Stuff Pack for the teen computer.

    Tested and works.
    You are free to modify it at your taste and needs.

    Have fun!

    Required Expansion Packs:
    Required Stuff Packs:
    Teen Style
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