• Plumbing Outhouse – Stall toilet

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: Plumbing
    Room: Bathroom
    Price: §Toilet §700 Sculpture §50
    Poly Count(s): Toilet: 2128, Sculpture: 886

    This is a toilet stall. It is based on a template from Numenor according to what is written in the object. I was using another object but was not satisfied so I decided to make my own.
    Sincerely I don’t know if a permission from Numenor was required cause I would anyway get no answer from him, if I tried. It is not difficult to make such a template but it requires extensive testing. When there is one already available, I didn’t see the point of reinventing the wheel. So, I used the template. As extra information, the objective of the template is to identify the bhavs that needs guid change, because the operation of the toilet is guid based. Technicalities that no one is probably interested.

    Well, this toilet stall doesn’t have walls. The reason is that you can build any toilet you want out of it, including an outhouse, using additional sculptures or simply the game walls, that is it!
    The stall is placeable against a normal wall and you can close around it, place roof and decorate at taste.

    I included a sculpture that is the result of a patient reconstruction of the Community outdoor toilet that came with another game and was adapted to TS2 by Pescado (I think!). I made it recolorable and posted here, so the original is available in all recolor possibilities. The sculpture looks exactly like that toilet, BUT, it is for 1tile, so it is much smaller and heavier.
    If you want to build a mini community toilet, you can place the stall inside the sculpture. As the stall requires a wall behind, you must know that the cheat “MoveObjects” is required for placement.

    It works normally like the stall and I recoded it because of some original inconveniences. The stall door is much longer and close the entrance. The mesh is mine, all the animations are intact and the recolor is the same disastrous that I’m able to. As everything is full recolorable, you don’t need to swallow mine and can paint around wildly. The stall is located in plumbing/Toilets, the sculpture is in Plumbing/Miscellaneous.

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