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Semi Modern 4 Bedroom home

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Condition: Fully Furnished
Bedrooms: 4
Price: §159,472
Lot Size: 4×3
Extra Info:
Contains custom content
Some content is included

This house has seperate kitchen with a family room, open dining and living, 3 and half bathrooms, garage and a lovely deck area complete with bbq area pool and spa.

Please Note for this to show with most windows you will need to download the inderpendant expressions window and door sets (four sets in total) by Maylouhttps://nene.modthesims.info/member.php?u=53719

Other cc shown and not included – Corner bath and shower unit by Mickyss https://nene.modthesims.info/download.php?t=123589

Click to view credits

Custom Content Included:

– Edge Smoother Gray by Ailias
– Edge Smoother 2 Wood by Ailias
– Bedtime Stripes by Lhonna
– Bedtime Stripes by Lhonna
– Bedtime Stripes by Lhonna
– Dryer by jpaugh78
– Excell Exteriors – Bay Window System – Main (Master) by FifthAce2007
– Excell Exteriors – Bay Window System – Main Ext Left by FifthAce2007
– Excell Exteriors – Bay Window System – Main Ext Right by FifthAce2007
– Excell Exteriors – Bay Window System – Porched Door by FifthAce2007
– Sanstone Gravel by sarah*rose
– Pool Floor 1 by Guardgian
– Pool wall 3 by Guardgian
– Create-a-hole Wall Shelf by Ogularama
– Wall Shelf Recolour White by piggis sims
– PorcelainTile-Floor003 by KiaraRawks
– PorcelainTile-Wall003 by KiaraRawks
– Wall by escand
– Wall by escand
– ModernBrick RWTanO by Jcasjr
– Wall by escand
– ModernBrick- RWTan by Jcasjr
– Washer by jpaugh78
– 4esf Ceiling Rim 16 Steps high by 4ESF
– reflex gift6 -pillows- by Jasmine
– Bathroom1- sink by Delphine
– Bathroom 1- table by Delphine
– Bathroom 1- toilet by Delphine
– Sip bathroom3 (b) -shower- by Jasmine
– Sip bathroom3 (b) -sink- by Jasmine
– Sip bathroom3 (b) -tub- by Jasmine
– Bathroom 4 – armchair by Delphine
– Bedroom 2 – rug by Delphine
– Bedroom 7 – bed by delphine
– Bedroom 7 – lamp by Delphine
– by Jasminewww.simsinparis.com  by Jasmine
– Kids 1- dollhouse by Delphine
– Kids 1- teddy by Delphine
– Kids 2- deco doll by Delphine
– kids3** -bear- by Jasmine
– kids3** -rug- by Jasmine
– Kids 4 – changing table by Delphine
– Kids 4 – crib by Delphine
– Kids 4 – dollhouse by Delphine
– Kids 4 – deco teddy by Delphine
– Kids 4 – shelf by Delphine
– Kitchen 1- chair by Delphine
– Sip living4 -curtain- by Jasmine
– sip liv6 -cabinet- by Jasmine
– Sip living7-coffee table- by Jasmine
– Sip outdoor3 -armchair- by Jasmine
– Sip outdoor3 -bed- by Jasmine
– Sip outdoor3 -endtable- by Jasmine
– Sip outdoor3 -parasol- by Jasmine
– Other 1- fountain by Delphine
– Other 1- hot tub by Delphine
– Bedroom – basket by Delphine
– Bedroom – vanity by delphine
– Rug by Delphine

Required Expansion Packs:
University Nightlife Freetime

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This is a really lovely design. The dining room is gorgeous!

karen lorraine
Active Member

Love the style and design of this one, Tiff. Beeeaaauuutiful!

Active Member

So lovely! I love that window seat in the master bedroom and I agree that the dining room is fabulous.


This house is so amazing!! I love the layout! grin