• Surfaces Shelves – conversion to LS

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: SurfacesShelves
    Room: Multiple Rooms
    Price: §Diverse
    Poly Count(s): Diverse

    Here are some shelves that are not the same you know. I wanted that rack shelf from BV and it is not possible to revert, so I assembled it over an object from Numenor, the illuminated shelf that is in fact a modified counter. Everything is different and the shelves connect to each other in a very special way, so it is re-meshed, re-mapped, re-built. The small shelf mesh is from AL. I included here the Table Dining Community that is missing in Life Stories, another object that is bloody hell to put together. Ah-Ha! It is complete and full useable for non TS2 players. Why is it here? If you are not an object creator, you don’t need to know, if you Are, you know it already!

    Extra Info
    Objects to complete Life Stories, first Edition

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