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Sims 2 – Adding Drop-Shadows to Objects

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First of all, let me clarify – this tutorial is not about creating wall and floor shadows for your meshes; that is beyond me at the moment and something I intend to work on. It’s also not a meshing or recolouring tutorial, you can find those elsewhere. This tutorial is about making your created objects a tad more realistic by adding drop-shadows. For instance, my barrel here:

looks okay, but it could look better. I’m going to add a drop-shadow just below the bands. Here’s how – open up Gimp and import the image you have for whatever you created:

I used the rectangle select tool to select just inside the band that I want to create the shadow for:

Go to ‘Filters/Light and Shadow/Drop Shadow’:

In the box that pops up, make sure ‘Allow resizing’ is unchecked then click ‘OK’:

I did the same for the bottom one, then clicked ‘Image/Flatten Image’ to merge the layers:

Go to file, and either export as another image, or overwrite the main one:

Import the texture image to your mesh in SimPE:

Save it to your game and see if you can tell the difference:

Okay, it’s not amazing, and I’m sure there are tutorials out there that are more in-depth and can show you how to add more detail, but this is a start, anyway. :)

Sims 2 base game only required

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It is very interesting because it is using Gimp. Since I bought Photoshop 7 almost 15 years ago, I simply stopped looking in other programs I have, including Gimp. I… Read more »