• Careers Sims 4 – Star Trek Career

    Levels: 10
    Tracks: 2
    Chance Cards: 0
    Language(s): English
    Game Version:

    Star Trek career with 2 extra tracks – Engineer and chef.

    If you have ever wanted to travel through space and see different worlds and meet alien civilisations, this career is for you! Jump aboard for a thrilling ride through the Starfleet Academy and out into the galaxy!

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    Main track – Star Trek
    Lieutenant commander
    Rear admiral
    Vice admiral

    Branch – Engineer
    Apprentice Tea Maker
    Apprentice Mechanic
    Starfleet Cadet
    Starfleet Engineering Student
    Starfleet Engineering Apprentice
    Starfleet Engineer
    Starfleet Head Engineer

    Branch – Chef
    Culinary Student
    Culinary College Graduate
    Restaurant Sous Chef
    Starfleet Cadet
    Starfleet Sous Chef
    Starfleet Chef
    Starfleet Starship Chef
    Starflieet Starship Head Chef

    Sims 4 base game only required

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    How to install this career

    Install the package files inside the Sims 4 Mods/Packages folder, and the ts4script inside the Mods folder.

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    1. Kaitlyn Mack says:

      how do you download the Star Trek career?

    2. LadyAngel says:

      Kaitlyn Mack,
      You’re right, I forgot to include the file! I’ve added it now, sorry about that.

    3. Kaitlyn Mack says:

      Thank You. I’m so excited for it

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