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Sugah’s Sugary Shelter

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Condition: Fixtures n Fittings Only
Properties: 3
Price: §?
Lot Size: 4×2
Extra Info:
Contains custom content
Content is included

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One for the lovely Sugah, who has given us so many wonderful items!!
So big thanks to her for the floor plan, and also big thanks to the lovely Karen Lorraine for landscape tips for the front, if not for her would have sat there staring for ages not having a clue what to put!
A vacation lot on Twikki Island

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What I wouldn’t give to live here…I love it! The little boat gives the whole site a relaxing, authentic air, and the attic is to die for!

karen lorraine
Active Member

It’s beautiful Tiff And I think you would have figured out what to do with the front on your own, but I was glad to help. Love this site for… Read more »

Active Member

Superb! Those interior arches are fabulous, make the house so interesting. The rocks, pool, deck, all of it are really enticing. I may have to buy a new copy of… Read more »

karen lorraine
Active Member

Are you back using all EPs now, Anne?
I had to get a new copy of M&G cos mine had worn out smile


A very nice house! Small but practical and the landscaping is well done! And I agree with everyone else that the attic looks great grin

karen lorraine
Active Member

Oh please do, Tiff smile


Oh, my goodness, Tiff!!! Thank you so much for letting me know about this wonderful lot! I haven’t been online as much as usual since the summer started and would’ve… Read more »


Very nice.