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Residential Barnstable Manor – Occupied


This luxury home is occupied by a young, professional couple. The house has 3 bedrooms, including a master with dressing room and en-suite. One of the bedrooms is being used as a games room.

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Residential The Shorehouse


Pristine white sand where topical water ebbs against the shore, and the ocean is teaming with life. Locations like this are the true island living dream.

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Residential Tudor Cliff House


4-bedroom Tudor-style home on a cliff overlooking the sea. With spacious room and 4 bathrooms, this expensive home will keep your rich Sims in the lap of luxury!

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Hotels & Rentals City Rentals


2 luxury properties with 3 floors. The top floors (attics) are waiting to be furnished how your Sims want them. 🙂

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Hotels & Rentals Office Block Apartments


This is a conversion of my office block, which is now five luxury apartments with communal entertainment area and private gardens.

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