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    Dorms Featured_postSimly Dorm


    Please see the January Dorm Challenge for detailed description of Simly Dorm, play tested and ready to house your university Sims.

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    Community Sim Valley Library – Base Game


    Even if libraries are not your Sims’ idea of fun, there’s plenty to do here. Free WiFi, games and coffee will keep them coming back again and again!

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    Community The Reading Tower


    Perfect for your book lover sims – a quaint place to relax and read.

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    Community Tundra Park


    This is a base game community lot for those who want a winter scene but don’t have Seasons

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    Community The Fighting Llamas


    This is my round 2 lot for Karens awesome uni contest happening at mts, everyone should check it out if you havnt already!

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    Hotels & Rentals October Hotel


    This was my entry for the October 2013 challenge. It’s an hotel with a beach-style theme.

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    Community Botanical Gardens


    Consists of a pond with a warf, playground, fully fenced in swimming pool, bbq area, toilet facilities, hedge maze and a nice Gazebo set for a wedding and a bandstand.

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    Community Alpine Lake


    Sims who love the active, outdoor life style can swim, hike, picnic, swing, play chess, or just sit back and listen to the waterfalls while soaking up plenty of sunshine and breathing plenty of fresh air.

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    Community Alpinloch School


    3 classrooms, gymnasium, office with teacher’s lounge, library, 3 sets of restrooms, and playground with swings.

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