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    Community Holiday Isle Restaurant


    This beach-side restaurant was originally a traditional beach house, but is now a vibrant, popular place for your Sims to meet, eat and play.

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    Dorms Student Dorms


    All rooms are en-suite and have a T.V. There’s also a roof terrace that could turn into a luxury entertainment area if you were so inclined.

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    Community Featured_postWaterfall Park


    For nature loving sims you have 5 little falls cascading into a lake at the bottom. With the right ep, your sims can fish.

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    Community Gothica Island Library


    Set on a small lot, this ultra-modern library would be ideal for your Sims to study, or just to hang out with their friends over a coffee.

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    Dorms Sim State Dorms


    6-room dorm with plenty of opportunities for study and recreation.

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