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    EA Castle Set Sets

    This is a set by EA that can’t be found on their site any more as it doesn’t exist! I didn’t make these, I’m just hosting them


    Darling’s House Residential

    The house has 6 bedrooms and 5 baths and lots of custom Peter Pan artwork. It actually looks pretty good in Veronaville, so if your sims want a big old Tudor to ramble around in, this is it!


    Brampton Cottage Residential

    This tiny tudor-style cottage has all that a small sim family could need, two bedrooms, a family lounge and a large versatile garden. I do hope you enjoy it


    Featured_postBoleyn Manor Residential

    This Tudor Manor sits on a large plot, with far-reaching views across the English countryside. It is a large property set in beautiful landscaped gardens.


    Cherry Tree Road Residential

    Down the country lane to the south you will find Cherry Tree Village.

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