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Telephone Shelf

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Item Type: New Mesh
Function: SurfacesShelves
Room: Multiple Rooms
Price: §140
Poly Count(s): 354

This end-table doesn’t require a wall behind and it was on purpose, I place it against half-walls and, sometimes, fences.

Base Game Only

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  1. Looks good, thank you.

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  2. Excellent, will definitely be using this, thank you

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  3. This is very nice and useful. Can hardly wait to use it. Thank you.

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  4. Hmm I do have to agree with them 2 ^^ I never liked sticking regular end tables in the foyer to slap a phone on to, so this is pleasing to the eye thanks 🙂

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  5. I really like this alot. thanks so much

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  6. I just transformed a shelf from AL into an end-table. Many game objects are more welcome in other categories.

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