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Condition: Fully Furnished
Bedrooms: 6
Price: §338,027
Lot Size: 5×6
Extra Info:
Contains custom content
Some content is included

This is another Lot I had on mts.

I had a really bad week where I was as sick as a dog (so to speak) so spent most of the time watching old favourites. The Sound of Music of course was in the list and as I sat there I thought that house is rather spectacular and looks fairly simple to build. Right on the first account, wrong on the second! Once I had put the movie on the pc and sat there countless times with my game open and media player constantly belting out ‘The Hills are alive’ I realised how I’d missed the architecture and then had to figure out what I could use to subsitute. That turned out to be alot of fun, trying to find items that I could place in strategic spots.

Before you download ANYTHING please download OMSPs Revisited and Improved by Silent Lucidity Otherwise you will find things in funny places once you have downloaded the lot.

I want to immensley Thank Leesester for making me a whole new set of windows for this lot, she was alot of help in the feedback forum, and then compelety blew me away by making such beautiful windows I think if you download this lot, you need to also go and thank her as well as I couldnt have made it look so good without them!

Also a big thankyou to the lovely Triciamanly for Marias curtain recolour so the Von Trapp kids can now have play clothes!

Without furthor ado I present to you The Von Trapp Estate

This (rather large) house comes complete with:

6 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
A stunning Grand entrance way (perfect for whistle blowing!)
A ballroom (also good to put on a puppet show)
Garden area off the ballroom
Dining Room
Living Room
Terrace (nice on hot days with pink lemonade)
Summer House (For romantic trysts, and proposals)
I have tried to keep Custom content down, I have gotten rid of alot that was in there and subsituted for boring maxis stuff. Also have kept upstairs quite empty just the bare essenstials as it would have made the file alot bigger. Also you may wonder why not many paintings on the walls. If you go through the movie you will notice the lack of artwork, especially the dining room!

Lastly this house is never quite going to be like the one in the movie, because that was two houses. One was used for the front and inside the other other for the terrace leading out to the lake.
Check it all out here…undmusic_1.html

Please note, you WILL need Clean Installer to download this lot!

Hope you enjoy playing this lot as much as I have in making it!

Click to view credits

Custom Content Included:

– Manor House Garden Mid-Size Hedge by phoenix_phaerie
– Manor House Garden Monolith Hedge by phoenix_phaerie
– Manor House Garden Miniature Cone Topiary by phoenix_phaerie
– Pedimentary, My Dear! Bonnet French Doors by phoenix_phaerie at MTS2
– Pedimentary Doors Bonnet, Granite by phoenix_phaerie at MTS2
– Pedimentary, My Dear! Broken Bonnet Pediment by Pheonix Phaerie
– Pedimentary Doors Broken Bonnet, Granite by phoenix_phaerie
– Tall Column by darylmarkloc
– Grass patch Fencing by crocobaura
– Highsmith Fence in Black by leesester
– Stairs Nouveau Recolorable by HugeLunatic by HugeLunatic
– Chimney Pot Short by HugeLunatic
– Chimney Pot Tall by HugeLunatic
– Mayfair wall Mirror by K8
– Mango Wall by K8
– Bench by HugeLunatic
– Brick Wall by kami666
– Lap of Luxury Armchair by MsBarrows by MsBarrows
– Lap of Luxury Loveseat by MsBarrows by MsBarrows
– Tableau Romantic Victorian by ninipupucea
– Victorian Recolour by ninipupucea
– Decorative Guitar by jimtnw
– Out door plant by ellasims
– Pedistal by Kevinshope
– Longhorn Fence by Piggis Sims
– Door in Paris by Salix
– Paris door plain recol by Salix
– Open Sesame Door by 40 Thieves Ltd. by salix
– Simnuts – Italian Baroque 2 Story Arch – Circa 1705 by Simnuts
– Simnuts – 1 Tile Italian Barouqe Glass Door – Circa 1705 by Simnuts
– Simnuts – 2 Tile Italian Baroque Glass Door – Circa 1705 by Simnuts
– Simnuts – 1 Tile Italian Baroque Solid Door – Circa 1705 by Simnuts
– Simnuts – Italian Baroque 1 Tile Window – Circa 1705 by Simnuts
– Simnuts – Italian Baroque 2 Tile Window – Circa 1705 by Simnuts
– Outdoor Deco juice by Sims in Paris
– Boucher Mural – #1 of 3 by Tatiana Dokuchic
– Boucher Mural – #2 of 3 by Tatiana Dokuchic
– Ivory Marble w Gold Panel – top & bottom by Tatiana Dokuchic
– Flower Panel with Musical Instruments #1 by Tatiana Dokuchic
– Half Crown Moulding & Baseboard by Tatiana Dokuchic
– Yellow #1 of 2 – from the classic Book of Hours “Les Tres Riches Heures” by the Limbourg brothers by Tatiana Dokuchic
– 1Story BASE Standard Height by tbudgett
– 1Story END Standard Height by tbudgett
– Stone Bench by The Jim 07
– Von Trapp Kitchen Window by Leesester
– BalconyMedit2 by macarossi
– Mauritania Tall Cross Window by leesester
– x3 Stair wall fix by MaryLou
Р2Tile Lafen̻tre Arch by tbudgett
Р2Tile Lafen̻tre Arched Top by tbudgett
– Ceiling Rim by 4esf
– Ceiling Rim White by 4esf
– Edge Smoother White by Ailias
– WhiteWood Gold Stairs by HugeLunatic
– Wall 1 by Christine
– Wall 2 by Christine
– Wall 3 by Christine
– Floor by Christine
– Transparent glass floors by Frillen
– Floortiles by Sims2designs

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Lee for the wonderful windows
Thanks to Triciamanly for the fantastic drapes recolour
You guys rock! xx

Required Expansion Packs:
University Nightlife Open For Business Seasons Freetime Apartment Life
Required Stuff Packs:
Family Fun Glamour Life Kitchen & Bath Ikea Home Mansion & Garden
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