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Traditional Church Furniture

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Item Type: New Mesh
Function: ComfortSofas & Loveseats
Room: Multiple Rooms
Price: §Pew 100, Podium 65
Poly Count(s): Pew 344, Podium 252

This is my traditional church furniture which I tried to include in my Mountainairre neighborhood church but for some reason didn’t show up. It includes a traditional pew with red, green, blue, or gold fabric, and a traditional podium for the preacher. If your Sims are church goers, (which Sims by nature aren’t as evidenced by their behavior in my last screenshot), here is some traditional furniture for your church!

The women Sims are wearing lovely custom dresses by Cleos at MTS.


Base Game Only

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Thank you for this! I’m ashamed to admit that I downloaded your neighborhood partly for this set, and also the picnic table..but I still have the neighborhood…lovely one, too!


Just a heads-up, these crashed my base game so I was wondering if an expansion pack was needed for them?