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TS4 Skininator

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Tool Overview:

Create/Edit Custom Skin Colors

  • Cloning Tool : Clones game skintones and creates a package with the TONE files.
  • Clone Package Editor : Open and modify cloned packages.
  • TONE Manager : Add/Delete TONEs, modify flags defining the type and usage, modify the swatch color and various other settings, import and export the skin color images.
  • Overlay Manager : Add/Delete overlays, define which ages/genders each overlay applies to, import and export overlay images.
  • Previewer : Preview skintones.

Create/Edit Default Replacement Skin Details

  • Make New Default Replacement Package : Select which skin details you want to replace and clone them to a new package.
  • Edit/Test Default Replacement Package : Import/Export textures and preview the skin details.

Cost: Free

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