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Wood Fountain Shower

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Item Type: New Mesh
Function: Plumbing
Room: Outdoor
Price: §1
Poly Count(s): 468

As it uses to say, everything is easy after the hardest work is done.
As I said before, I initially used Marvines Rock Shower as template to recreate a Batheable Fountain.
Now all has to be done, is to replace the meshes and a new fountain is born.

That’s what I did.

This fountain works exactly like the Rock Fountain or Waterfall but it is much smaller and totally different look. But equally effective.
In fact, all done was to paste a sculpture on the top of the shower, exactly like I did with the hubba-tubba. It is impressive how much you can do from insignificant objects when you learn how-to.

I’m starting to be cruel! 

Base Game Only

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I love how you take everyday Sim objects and turn them into something special. Really like this!

Active Member

Great idea and you’re not cruel, just clever!

Fata Morgana

Awesome work.
Very necessary thing! :love: