• Residential 18 Pastel Way – Basegame, no CC

    Condition: Fully Furnished
    Bedrooms: 2
    Price: §96,000
    Lot Size: 3×3

    PHEW!! 18 houses in 2 days! Not that Ive made them in two days, that would be near impossible! Still have 2 community lots for Pastel way to upload then I can start on making it to 20 Pastel Way, which was my Ultimate goal when i started this series over a year ago.

    This is a split level home, so as usual there will be warping to the walls, mainly inside on this one. If you play with walls fully down it wont be a problem, if you dont, and the warping will be annoying for you I suggest you dont donwload I have tested this with the staircase off the kitchen going up though the roof and to the attic/rec room area. And much to my delight it worked, I really didnt think it would!

    This house has:

    Two Bedrooms

    As I only wanted the one story but it looked stupid with a huge roof I made the second story just as an extra space, so plenty of room for the growing family.

    Base Game Only

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      I like this one too 🙂

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