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    Surfaces Asian Fusion – add-ons


    Item Type: New Mesh Function: Dining Tables Room: Dining Price: §250 and 580 Poly Count(s): 394 and 400 Tags eastern Add to favorites Edit Post Delete Post I downloaded a big package from here,...

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    Decorative Awnings


    I didn’t have any full image of the object, so I created a sort of cake building to show what it can be about.

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    Sets Pfiff your own Story – Living room Set


    Life Stories came with one of the poorest inventory ever seen. The game was supposed to run in a laptop with 268MB ram and for such “goal” almost all the basic objects were removed.

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    Dressers Closet Dresser


    This is a normal Dresser, or Armoire. What is different is that it occupies exactly the space of two tiles, what makes it to a closet, if you place it inside a 2 tiles wall.

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