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    Sims Black Model – Eidar Sousa


    This is Eidar Sousa. There are plenty of white models out there, but few beautiful black ones.

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    Garden Shrub tall – other sizes


    The Base Game Square Shrub comes in two sizes that I consider insufficient. So I made 2 more sizes.

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    Stairs False Twin Staircases


    A false twin staircase is a normal staircase that bears a dead twin on one of its side.

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    Plumbing Corner Shower


    This is another version of the Shower Stylish that fits on such corner walls.

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    Plumbing Bath wild


    Here is a bath tub to be placed outdoors. Sims will bathe nude but there will be no shoo.

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    Plumbing Rock Fountain Batheable


    For this object I used a work from Marvine as template. The original is available at MTS2 or Insimenator (or both!).

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    Residential Featured_postFantasy Lot – Cruise Ship


    The Cruise Ship is installed on the waters of a lake and on a swimming-pool to give a “sailing” impression. Well, you can fish and swim, at least.