Plumbing Shower Tub Value – wall high   (Views: 3,638 )

Item Type: New Mesh
Function: Plumbing
Room: Bathroom
Price: §1100
Poly Count(s): 2636

This is the Base Game Shower Tub Value, aka Aquaplus. I like this object but as it is enclosed in partial tiled wall it always looked a bit displaced, I suppose no one tiles a wall this way. It is a good object that works fail free, so I decided to clone it and block it so it is full tiled. It is easy to see that I like blocked objects. I took pictures to compare the original object and this clone. Initially I created a special block light, cloned from the fluorescent hanging lamp and using the mesh of the stylish light from AL, then I realized that I could use it as complement.

Extra Info
Object fits to Life Stories, first Edition

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