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    Mods Career – Cowplant – My mod

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    Please backup any files that may be overwritten.

    This Mod:
    affects gameplay

    PS: I had to replace the mod because there was a small problem with Dead Sims being selected. If you got it, please redownload. Thanks

    Revision: I included a new revision for the mod that corrects some animation and small adjustments. I’m always complete satisfied with the results but will keep correcting anything that can be improved. I will replace the mod completely when I cannot find anything that can be modified any longer. For now, the interessants should download the version with higher number.

    I’ve modded the Career – Cow Plant (Dioneae Simcipula) and the first results were posted at MTS2.

    This is sort of answer to some requests.
    If you still don’t know, this strange cow came with the EP Uni and kills sims by teasing them with a cake.
    Originally the cow would kill randomly and you could have one of your favorite sims accidentally eaten by the cow.
    Well, I changed it. Now no one will be eaten accidentally but the cow can eat everybody instead, family, friends, enemies, recently just known or even NPCs.
    I included a new interaction “Ask someone to Grab the cake” that is connected to the interaction “Grab cake No Test”. It means that you can command whoever Sim in the lot to commit suicide. They will go to the cow and be eaten. You need only to greet them and you are entitled to kill them. If you like cheating Like Me, you can also teleport a townie or NPC to the lot and you also can kill him.
    Basically it is the same mod posted at MTS2. The differences are:

    Now you can kill children;
    Sims will get no memories from the deceased;
    The milk will not be available forever, it will dry after a while.

    You can command whoever in the lot including non family members to milk the cow, but after awhile the milk will no longer be available. If you ask someone to milk the cow and they don’t do it, it means that the time has already expired. You should click periodically to check if there’s still milk over there. This checking will wake up the cow and soon after it will be a new cake to tease another sim to die.

    The animations for killing children is not that perfect. When using adult animations for children, they float above the ground. It will also cause that the cow will open the mouth and the kid will disappear completely inside it, but all the rest proceeds normally.

    The mod received the suffix (9). The one at MTS2 has (7), so it is older.

    This mod Requires Uni, but remember that I have the whole game. Everytime a mod is made on full game, it is very possible that everything is required.

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    7 years ago

    I wouldn’t know where to start to mod the game, you never cease to amaze me!

    7 years ago

    Your Talents never cease to amaze me honestly!! Well Done and Thank you I simply had to download it 🙂

    7 years ago

    This looks great! I have been wanting to ‘clean out’ trash sims and haven’t had a lot of luck using the cowplant, I invite them over and keep them until I know they’re hungry just fine but when I influence them to bathe (so the cow plant can eat them) they don’t stay in long enough to actually get clean! And when I use the SimBlender to control them I can’t get them to ‘grab cake’ for some reason…but this is JUST what I need!

    I do have a question though- If anyone knows if the CowPlant will work on a community lot (OFB- privately owned). I put the CowPlant there because I wanted to get ‘younger’ faster but even when I ‘max motives’ and have visitors ‘grab cake’ the cow plant smells them and rejects! With this mod can they be eaten or does it just work on residential lots?

    7 years ago

    Oh and what’s the difference between the 2 downloads Mod9 and Mod9A??
    (sorry I had to post twice but my first post isn’t shown because it has to wait to be approved- but I tend to forget questions if I don’t post them immediately)

    7 years ago

    Don’t know what happened but I HAD the cowplant on my OFB community lot but everyone just keep feeding it. SO I took it home and still couldn’t click on it…thought something was wrong so I figured I’d delete it and just unlock it again BUT the cowplant is no longer offered as a career reward??

    I used the clean installer to disable to package so I could check- and that did the trick…it was again a career reward.
    -Went back into the game (with the package disabled) and the cowplant was back as a career reward…SO I logged out and ‘re-enabled’ the package after getting new plants.
    -Went back into the game again and was able to click on the plants no problem- Grab Cake, Grab cake- No test, and feed were all in the pie menu. But my other sims on the lot did get a memory of the death. Children are able to grab the cake, and non residents can be asked to milk the cow plant.
    -Going back the to career rewards section- the cow plant is now missing again. Luckily I had gotten 3 when I disabled the package but I think that might be a glitch.

    I’m using 9A
    All eps and packs- up to Apartment life and Mansions and gardens

    Would love your thoughts, please comment.x

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