• Appliances Cheap Stove – One burner

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: Appliances
    Room: Kitchen
    Price: §100
    Poly Count(s): 872

    Here’s the cheapest model of the Dialectric Stove. The manufacturer removed everything that was expensive to build, and costed a little more on the look (as all cheap manufacturers do!) 😀
    Your neighbors will think at first sight, that you got a very expensive ceramic stove, but no way, it is just paint! The glass door on the oven is also painted and no matter if you place a 1000 watts lamp inside the oven, you still won’t be able to see you bakings.

    That’s why it is cheap!

    Available in 6 of my favourite colors. It is not slaved to the game dialectric, well, because it simply didn’t work.

    I was intended to have extra slots on the top of the stove. It would be very useful, but I didn’t learn the trick and I’m not happy with the idea of trying. I’m not interested in everything between heaven and hell and sincerely my brain is starting to be tired. 

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    1. LadyAngel says:

      Another great upload – my sims love cheap! 😆

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