• Decorative Crime Scene Evidence Markers

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: DecorativeSculptures
    Room: Multiple Rooms
    Price: §30
    Poly Count(s): 24

    Carrying on the sinister theme of my last upload, here is a pack of 6 crime scene markers to add to it.

    They can be found in the decorative/miscellaneous section of the catalogue as ‘Crime Scene Markers’ and cost 30 Simoleons each. Shadows for these items have been deleted.

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    4 Responses

    1. triciamanly says:

      Oooooh! Sinister is right, especially those stick figure chalk drawings! Love the mixture of realism and frivolity. What’s next Lady Angel? Can’t wait to see!

    2. LadyAngel says:

      Well, I’m wanting to stick to the theme for the next few creations, time permitting. I’m thinking of the Cluedo (Clue) weapon set at some point. 😀

    3. ranabluu says:

      These are very good. I can add to my collection of crime scene items.

    4. LadyAngel says:

      Thanks. Hope they are okay for you!

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