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    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: HobbiesRecreation
    Room: Outdoor
    Price: §See post
    Poly Count(s): See post

    Update from a very old craftable: Fishing
    It is pre-BV and even pre-OFB and was created by Katy_76 (PCSims). Originally a sim just performed some animations and got logic points. Later, we included OFB interactions (place fishes in inventory) and it was also pre-times when I still didn’t have learned Meshing.

    Now I made an easy update where I improved a little bit the interaction (not much once the object is not mine) and included proper meshes for the fishes that are mounted on the wall. The fishes are independant from the interaction and can be found in build and buy. I should make a collection to easy the choice. Will include later.

    Note: The Koi Pond was modified to place fishes in the sim inventory but the fishing interaction is autonomous, so it checks for motives. If you don’t see any interaction available, it means your sims motives are not high enough. Care for their motives first or cheat yourself forward.

    The fishing lake will override the original, once the guids are the same. I only used Katy’s lake to produce my fishes. Though fishes can be placed in the fridge, it is not recommended. Restock the fridges with fish follow LUA rules and are GUID counted. I don’t like LUA and have No intention to learn it. If you want to fish to restock fridges, use Katy’s “Fish to restock fridge” instead. It produces a market basket with 30 units food. My fishes are intended to sell in a shop (it fits displays, including the decra-chill) or to be used as decoration (once now the fishes are mountable on the wall). Penguins cannot eat my fishes, it would be necessary to create one accessory for each, or reprogram to use one of the penguim “gourmet” accessories. Not in the mood!

    The fishing lake is actually a bunch of water lillies and can be placed close to any water now (lake, sea or even pool) and should be pointing away from the water. The sim will be facing the arrow direction. I reprogrammed so that it can be placed outside or inside the borders of lake, sea or pool. The sim will have two alternatives: to go on top of the flowers, or in front of it, depending if the flowers are out or in water.
    Check twice if it is pointing to the right direction because these flowers use to change direction when entering Live mode. So check it is pointing correctly (away from water). The object doesn’t really recognize water, so it is still possible to fish if just placed on the ground or in any lake, even frozen.

    Polygon count:

    Fishing lake (has several meshes) fra 262 to 1178 – costs § 630 – located in Hobbies/Miscellaneous
    Fishing Rod – accessory 744 polys
    Koi pond – original mesh 4610 polys, located in Hobbies/Miscellaneous
    lobster : 752 for fish and 1178 for wall hanging, costs 245
    conch: 500 – 550, costs 10
    starfish: 472 – 270, costs 15
    whale: 715 – 536, costs 680
    catfish: 1656 – 798, costs 147
    Golden trout – 1564 – 574, costs 518
    Rainbow trouts – 1564 – 574, costs 521
    Bass : 1560 – 448, costs 241

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    1. LadyAngel says:

      Man, you must have infinite patience! lol. This is so amazing, thank you!

    2. karen lorraine says:

      This looks really interesting 🙂 I love seeing what you will come up with each time 🙂

    3. xptl297 says:

      Oh, we’ve been famous so. I got a PM from a girl once who never used any of our works but came online very often just to see what we were messing with. Another girl’s PM said that she didn’t understand any of our talking. Besides our grammar to be disastrous, our talking is even more hilarious. She was sorry for what happened to us over here offline. 🙂 Me too.
      Man, I should go back to school. 😀

    4. rizo says:

      yay! i’m so happy to see these! and the other craftables that you made! yippie!

    5. xptl297 says:

      So far I don’t know of any more craftables we made. That’s all I could find. Glad you like them!

    6. jlouis says:

      Nothing to add to these compliments, just thanks.

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