• Fences & Gates Greenhouse Fence with Wall

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: Fences & Gates
    Price: §300
    Poly Count(s): 598

    I made this greenhouse fence for my little start house. The template used was made by Numenor and is available at MTS. I checked the template and the only thing I noticed to justify the enhancement, was that it changes GUID automatically. I sincerely don’t know if it does it originally. It is practical. Well, after Mansion and Garden ( or probably after Seasons) it became possible to build fences that bear load. That’s exactly what a greenhouse fence is, a fence that bears load, that is, you can place a roof on it. Advantages and disadvantages: fences can be placed in all tiles but fences that bear load cannot be placed more than one tile from the edges. It is something anyway.

    I made this fence using one of the original colors so that it can be combined with. My fence is closed and has a small window on the top. I built proper edges for the window so that the glass is framed. This fence is appropriated only for small rooms that don’t require insight, so I used it for building a small ground floor bathroom and for a closet in the second floor. Greenhouse fences don’t cut down and even if only one tile is used in a normal room, it causes that normal walls don’t cut down too. Besides, it is not proper illuminated by inside lighting. This way, it is just a solution to extend one more tile in the total surface of a house.

    Poly count: 598

    Required Expansion Packs:
    Required Stuff Packs:
    Mansion & Garden
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