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Featured_postIsla Chica Neighborhood

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Extra Info:
Contains beach lots

Here is your virtual beach vacation spot for Sims. Isla Chica is a newly developed island terrain with four hotels, an apartment complex, two parks, a movie theater, a relaxing spa, three shopping areas, three restaurants, four starter homes, ten luxury homes (unfurnished), and a country club with golf course.

Hotel reviews by the Traveller family:

Open Seas Suites: Fancy rooms were way too expensive and not good for families since they only have double beds although they also have sofas which can work for one child. More to our liking was the complimentary breakfast area and the sandy beach only steps away.

Cabanas Chicas: Cheap and rustic, but the cabins also only have double beds. Again, some cabins have sofas for one child. The swing set, hottub, and fire pit were fun for the whole family.

Swaying Palms Resort: Nice getaway for parents, no place for kids. Expensive but rockin’!

Coast Highway Motel: Expensive, but perfect for families with fun pool right outside the large rooms with double and single beds. Room service was quick and tasty.

Here are street view pictures of the lots.


Hope you enjoy Isla Chica!

Required Expansion Packs:
Open For Business Bon Voyage

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Anne, I’m absolutely stunned by this, it’s awesome! The little farmers market – so cute! And I adore the public beach lot…love this so much, thank you for uploading it!


Yes, it shows up in my game. I’m in the process of loading it now and will let you know if I have any problems. smile


Ann, did you make this terrain using Sims City 4? I’ve always wanted to try a new terrain but haven’t gotten around to it, yet.


Lovely!!! Vacation hot spots are something I haven’t got to yet – and this is perfect! Thanks grin


I honestly can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t accept this. It has no cc, and you have pics of the lots inside – I’d say go for it!

Active Member

Wow anne, this is fantastic!!! What a beautiful hood!


More and more beautiful work, I think all the hours you spent to achieve, what courage need you, andwhat a talent,
My sincere thanks and admiration