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Office Chairs

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Item Type: New Mesh
Function: ComfortDining & Other Chairs
Room: Study/Office
Price: §500, 450
Poly Count(s): ikea chair, 2254, salon office, 2470

These office chairs are in fact, little Frankensteins.

Ikea Office Chair is a combination of the Ikea Living chair with the rollers of the Bohemian chair.
The salon office chair is of course a combination with the Salon chair and the rollers of the Bohemian chair. I made it because the previous office chair with same look I downloaded from somewhere, had 16000 polys.
I never noticed before someone at MTS called my attention for poly count. I use an extrem powerful computer, but never noticed the difference on my smaller computer either. Well, here are some with lower poly than that.

ikea chair, 2254 polys, price § 500
salon office, 2470 polys, price § 450

I used simpe, Milkshape and Photoshop 7

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These are great, well done on reducing the poly count, I know how difficult that can be. smile


Ohhh these are good!! They look so nice,I have downloaded lots of office chairs but they look stupid and out og preportion BUT these look like RL Thank you I… Read more »