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Condition: Fully Furnished
Bedrooms: 3
Price: §121,675
Lot Size: 3×3

Imagine the fragrance of roses wafting through open windows, the sound of birdsong filling the air, and lying on the sofa reading a good book. Does it sound good? Your sims can have it here, at Rosalera.

This is a country house, surrounded by lush garden (total headache for sims) which gives a peaceful, rural feel to your sim’s life. It’s a small cottage with 2 or possibly 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, cozy living room which opens on to the patio, formal dining, and eat in kitchen. One either end of the house you have brick patios suitable for barbecue, chess, or hottub. This is a base game house with no cc.

So sims, welcome home, sleep well, enjoy life!

Base Game Only

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  1. Yay, another triciamanly download! All of this and no custom content? I love it, especially the way the wall at the bottom of the stairs curves up. Which cheats did you use for that?

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  2. I used constrainfloorelevation false for that. Dug a big whole in foundation. Lowered 2 stair levels. Put one foundation grid at bottom with walls around it. Place floor tiles over to wall I wanted lowered. Turned off cheat. Problem is that you can’t put ceiling above it,, hence landing overlooking living room!

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  3. Saw the pic, and said to myself, that looks like a Triciamanly creation! Perfection! I love your roofs they seem so effortless, but I bet they’re not!!!

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  4. Tiff, so lovely to hear from you. Actually, these roofs weren’t too hard. I was copying a picture! All the best to you!

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  5. Phew…that’s the difference between you and me tric, I would never have the patience to do that and would probably mess it up anyway 🙂

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  6. I have messed up the cfe cheat more times than not, but it’s really a necessity for base game since the tools are limited! I was motivated to practice with it. My friend at MTS, fling89, is the one who got me started on it.

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  7. ohhhhhh and I like the use of the wedding arch!!

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