• Comfort Visitor Bed

    Item Type: New Mesh
    Function: ComfortBeds & Bedding
    Room: Bedroom
    Price: §102
    Poly Count(s): 1176

    This is a bed that has only the bedding part. It is for Life Stories and possibly Base Game. It is not a normal bed and not only because it doesn’t have any frame, it is meant only for visitors and it is programmed for this purpose. In fact the bed doesn’t have any other purpose than sleeping and all other interactions were fully eliminated. The reason is simple: the normal beds cause uncountable errors and jumps in LS, the only way I had to make it work without mistakes was to reprogram single beds to be a sleep place, nothing else. I’m the most pedant in the world when it deals on bed use, no mistakes allowed. Well, this bed is very useful if for example a Sims have a love friend that is not part of the household. Inviting the love friend to stay over the night will make him/her to choose automatically this spare bed to sleep. The bed was not easily made, it occupies exactly one tile wide, what makes it connectable as a double bed. To work with the bedding mesh is not also very easy and this bed was calculated to have less morphs and therefore easily further workable in MilkShape. So the mesh can be used for other works once it can be easily loaded in MS. The bed is composed of two separated mattresses and the lowest works as the frame. The bedding is slaved to the Colonial bed as usual and will take whatever recolor. It gets also a beautiful effect if placed under a window with proper curtains, best if the curtains are slaved to the colonial bed bedding, as found many places online. I provided a picture where you can see two Sims sleeping on such beds. The girl is part of the household, the man is the father of one of her children. There’s no place for him in the household (In LS, just 4 and she has 3 children), so I make her to invite him to stay and then I can control his aging in relation to hers, in accordance with my game play. Doesn’t matter anyway, I have a very complicated mind.

    Extra Info
    Object fit to Life Stories, first Edition

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