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Community Tiny Beach Getaway


This is very similar to my ‘Beach Hangout’, only smaller and not so cluttered.

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Residential Coastal Cottage


1 bedroom cottage, right on the beach. This has 1 double bedroom and a BBQ area in the Garden. The beach at the back is largely undeveloped and just screaming for someone to beautify it!

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Community Sunny Beach Nightspot


Your Sims can wine, dine, swim and dance in this versatile nightspot. Enjoy a relaxing, moonlight massage on the beach, or explore your wild side with the ElectroDance sphere!

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Hotels & Rentals Moon Bay Hotel


This beach-front hotel is perfect for your Sims who want to get away from the kids and the everyday hum-drum of life.

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Community Beach Hangout


This is the perfect place for your beach-loving Sims to hangout.

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Community Sunnyside Strand Art Gallery


This art gallery/museum is the perfect place for your Sims to visit when they want to unwind from a hard days’ work.

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Hotels & Rentals Seashell Road


5 beach-front rental homes, including one budget house for your not-so-well-off Sims.

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