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Wall Coverings Seashore Wood Walls


A selection of wood walls that can be found in the siding section of the catalogue. The collection file is included in the download.

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Starter Homes Bungalow


This is a beach lot meant for a single, or at least a childless couple.

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Starter Homes Start Beach House


Lot Details: Bedrooms: 2 Condition: Starter Furnishings Price: ยง19,942 Lot Size: 3×5 [wpfp-link] Extra Info: This is a beach lot Tags beach,no cc,residential,sims 2,starter Edit Post Delete Post This is a 2 bedrooms start...

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Sets Beachwood Set


This is ‘beach’ wood, not ‘beech’ wood. So named as I think this set would suit a beachfront property.

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Community Holiday Isle Restaurant


This beach-side restaurant was originally a traditional beach house, but is now a vibrant, popular place for your Sims to meet, eat and play.

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