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  • Creating Tutorial – Using Milkshape to UV mapping   (Views: 0 )

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    1. LadyAngel says:

      Would you say that Milkshape is easier to use for mapping than UV Mapper?

    2. xptl297 says:

      Sorry I didn’t see your question before. Yes, it is personal opinion. I suppose all 3d tools have UV mapping possibilities by now and Milkshape is very easy to use. I checked self why you probably have difficulties to understand Milkshape by taking a look on other 3d Programs. Most of them are based on starting from a bounding box to create your object and Milkshape doesn’t give you one. It is based on the fact that when you import a mesh in Milkshape, It Is already inside its own bounding box, once what you see inside the primary square netting (4 squares), that is, the origin point that contains the axles (X, Y and Z) origins, is equivalent to 1 tile. What really confuses the user is that actually The Sims 2 meshes bounding don’t fit inside a square but inside a Lozenge. It is of course very difficult to place something inside what you can’t see. But you get practice. Using the UV mapper from Milkshape is sort of intuitive and gives you many possibilities for manipulation (my favourite activity!). 3D tools like Blender, for example, gives you even possibilities to work with Nodes, what will be the future of recoloring once ALL we do right now in terms of meshing and recoloring is already Stone Age Obsolete. 😀

    3. LadyAngel says:

      I may give this a try. I’m having trouble with a mesh as the texture looks really faded in my game. It’s a rug, and no matter what I do, even cloning different objects, it doesn’t help. 🙁 I’m using Wings 3D and UVMapper Pro.

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