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  • Businesses and Careers Wooford Plant Nursery   (Views: 11,398 )

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    1. Love this home business, Anne. 🙂

    2. triciamanly says:

      Would you mind testing the occupied version? Also, maybe everyone but me knows this, but if you have a home business and set a price on all your plants, you never have to water or trim. You just never open the business either and voila, no gardening without downloading a hack.

    3. I would rather not test an occupied lot, Anne, I don’t mind testing the unoccupied lot with one of my own sims if that would help?

    4. Princess says:

      What a great tip re the plants Tric!! I will try this 🙂

    5. LadyAngel says:

      I love this Anne, it must have taken ages to build this for under 20,000.

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