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    Residential Evergreen Cottage


    This was my first ever upload at MTS, just a simple wee cottage, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, nice wee garden with a veggie patch, pretty self explanatory!

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    Residential Small and Modern


    This wee house was actually my second upload at mts 4 years ago. Have taken down downloads from there and while doingthat have decided to make this a little nicer looking, well on the inside anyway.

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    Residential Abandoned Nz Batches


    Two streets over from me theres a bunch of rundown houses that have been here since waaaaay before I was born, as the area I live in was one of the first settled they are more than likely at least 100 years young, and they do look it!

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    Residential Black ‘n White


    Lot Details: Bedrooms: 4 Condition: Fully Furnished Price: §149,953 Lot Size: 3×3 Add to favorites Extra Info: Contains custom contentSome content is included Tags house,mansion,pool,residential,sims 2 Edit Post Delete Post Just an old lot...

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    Community Featured_postCentral Perk


    Central Perk is rather straight forward, pretty much one room. Have included public toilets and also a wee kitchen area so your sims can go for a meal. Theres also a podium off to the side.

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    Residential Tokios Pad


    This is quite a large house, has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, lounge, kitchen, Dining room, breakfast nook, Double Garage, Laundry, Sewing Room, and a Den.

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    Residential Julies Enchanting Abode


    This was requested by Julie in the forum, Tried my hardest to get it like the picture, but I dont think I succeded, although she’s adament she’s happy, so Im happy!

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    Residential Dec Challenge Part 1


    Here is my entry for the December Challenge Part 1, it includes a two level tree house, but as this was a no cc challenge you will need to download a ladder for it to work

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