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    Residential Lil taste of England


    This house has 3 bedrooms, living room (no doubt needs a bit of paint to make it more modern!) kitchen and breakfast room, and a lovely attic full of memories. Beautiful English style garden and a stream that flows right around the backyard. 1 car garage.

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    Residential Back to Basics


    This house has three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, seperate living area and kitchen, patio out back. Fake garage but I think the measurements are correct to plop a real one in if you have NL.

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    Residential Villa Victoriana


    This house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, seperate kitchen living and dining, and a garage for the old car out the back

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    Residential Semi Modern 4 Bedroom home


    This house has seperate kitchen with a family room, open dining and living, 3 and half bathrooms, garage and a lovely deck area complete with bbq area pool and spa.

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    Residential Modern Beach Living


    This has been tested to the max and Im happy to say works! The first attempt my tester sim wouldn’t even climb the first set of stairs!

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    Residential 14 Pastel Way


    I recall after I built this house that it looked so similair to my Grandparents house over in Calhoun, Georgia, right down to the dormers and the red sideways garage.

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    Residential 16 Pastel Way


    Number 16 is a house more for the young successful couple that have got to where they want and are now starting a family.

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    Residential 17 Pastel Way


    3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Attic, Fish Pond, Garden Plot

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    Residential 18 Pastel Way – Basegame, no CC


    This is a split level home, so as usual there will be warping to the walls, mainly inside on this one. If you play with walls fully down it wont be a problem, if you dont, and the warping will be annoying for you I suggest you dont donwload

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    Residential Hermit Hank Hoffles Hut


    Hanks Hut is fairly straight forward pretty much consists of one room that houses his bed kitchen and longe and a small bathroom, out house round the back. Will cost 45,077 because the more dirt there is the more expensive it will be!!

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