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    Mods Career – Cowplant – My mod


    I’ve modded the Career – Cow Plant (Dioneae Simcipula) and the first results were posted at MTS2.

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    Residential Featured_postFantasy Lot – UFO


    This is a residential Lot. It is fully furnitured and most of the items are from the EP Pets, so it is required.

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    Starter Homes Fantasy Start House – Almost Round


    Lot Details: Bedrooms: 2 Condition: Fully Furnished Price: §19.953 Lot Size: 3×2 [wpfp-link] Tags fantasy,no cc,residential,sims 2,starter Edit Post Delete Post This is one of my childish start houses. The entrance is on the...

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    Starter Homes Extremely simple – sort of.


    Lot Details: Bedrooms: 2 Condition: Partly Furnished Price: §19.960 Lot Size: 3×1 [wpfp-link] Extra Info: Contains custom contentContent is included Tags base game,residential,sims 2,starter Edit Post Delete Post This is an extreme simple house....

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    Residential Tents


    This is another fantasy lot. There are two tents on a sand textured lot, one is square and the other is round. It is also a combination of sculpture objects with game walls.

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    Lighting Fence Lamps


    One is a very small version of the Central Asian Fence light, a little bit simplified.

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    Decorative Grand Entrance


    These are architectural items that were introduced with AL and M&G. Sincerely I deemed them very unuseful and decided to make my own.