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    I named the mod as “no20kHandouts – Special Move Out” because I combined with JM Pescados mod to allow sims to take their share of the household funds. If you have this mod, it will conflict, so you can just replace it if you want this one. If you do not have Pescados mod and don’t want it, I marked my bhavs mod with 3 asterisks (***), so you may just extract them and make a new package or just delete what is not marked. I ticked the option “Custom content – Yes” because I created new globals and texts. Well, to the point: what this present mod does, is to give you options to choose if you want to create a new family when moving your sims out, or just to throw them in the townies family. You will get a dialog asking you where you want to send your sims to. It is a simple way to have access to the townies family without cheats but using the game procedure self. When you use the newspaper or computer to move your sims out of the household, you will have all the normal dialogs you are used to, But, as soon as the car comes to pick them up and the sims enter the car, you are going to get a second dialog, this time asking you if you want to create a new family or add the sims to the Townies family. “Yes” answer will create a new family in the family bin. “No” answer will add your sims to the Townie Family. Warning: Do not choose babies or toddlers if answering “No”, they cannot be townies. Answer always “Yes” if you are moving babies or toddlers. Do not answer “No” if you are moving up Pets. If you want to send pets out of the family, sell them to a townie. The process of selling pets to townies includes an automatic transfer of the pets to the Pets family, the moving out process DON’T. It was not possible to include the pets alternative, so DO NOT use it on pets. If you decide to keep Pescados “no20HandOuts” codes, be aware that money will be taken from the household and will be lost once it doesn’t seem to be added to the townies family, I use it because my families end up with too much cash and it is a natural way to reduce it. The same process will apply for Moving Out from College. You will be allowed to choose if you want to send the graduated sims to the family bin by creating a new family or send them directly to the townies family in the primary hood. WARNING: Do not choose the “No” answer if you are moving a college YA from one college lot to another. If they land in the townies family they will lose all the college progress and will return to the beginning of their study exactly like the tards YA townies do. If you are just moving an YA to occupy another lot, answer always “Yes”. It doesn’t apply for moving in invitation that is not changed. The process also works if you casually is having adults living in a college lot (I have) and they will follow the same present rule. Moving in townies has always been possible, now moving them out is possible as well, so long you are careful on what you are doing. This is the point, YOU are the one who decides, so if you make a mistake, well, you have to leave without saving. Have fun!

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    1. FranH says:

      Interesting mod, this one-it will make moving ‘excess’ pixels out to townie-land all that much easier-and they’re not lost forever, if you have the Teleporter Bush, thankfully. A scenario of “I’m outta here-this town isn’t big enough for me!” sounds like this would be an ideal mod to use for it.

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